3 Easy Halloween Safety Tips To Try This Year in Westminster

Halloween is less than two weeks away and while most of us are preparing for parties, decorating the house, and getting the little ones excited for this awesome holiday, there is one important thing we should worry about: safety. While Halloween is typically safe, the event does take place at night and on the streets, so here are a few simple tips to think about.


Reflexive tape: staying lit is the number 1 key to being safe on Halloween. Trick-or-Treating takes place at night when many people are still in rush hour traffic. Be sure your kids are well lit for oncoming cars.


No mask: do not let your kids wear costumes with mask, as they will only cause accidents and other issues. Being able to see their surroundings is your kids’ number 1 priority.


For drivers: turn on your lights as soon as possible. Also be careful around alley ways and other areas with low visibility.