Best Indoor Plants That Won’t Die

Caring for a plant can be hard work. You forget to water it for a few days and its dead (maybe you shouldn’t be in charge of children)! However, just because you don’t have a green thumb, doesn’t mean you should skip out on adding greenery into your living area. Here is a quick look at three plants that can survive with little care.


Pothos: this plant has air purifying qualifies and could act as a wonderful centerpiece for a side table. The Pothos also require little care to survive and does well in normal room temperatures.

Spider plant: the spider plant has a wonderful look with long leaves that will add a pop of color into your living space. The plants prefer medium to bright sunlight. So place them on a windowsill and watch the plant grow.

Rubber tree: this plant can grow up to eight feet tall and add a huge pop of color and nature into your apartment. The plant also thrives best when its soil is allowed to dry out between watering.