Head “Under the Sea” At the Rose Center Theater

The Christmas celebrations have already begun with shows, music and tree lightings, but that doesn’t mean we have to forget about the ocean. If you are looking to try something different this December, why not revisit one of your favorite Disney Princess’ with a live performance of the classic Little Mermaid?

For select dates throughout the month of December the Rose Center Theater in Westminster will be hosting a special musical performance of Disney’s the Little Mermaid. Tickets cost $15 to $25 (which feels like steal for something this awesome)! If you are ready to sign along and fall in love with Ariel all over again, head over to the Rose Center’s website (link provided below) and find out dates and purchase tickets. Seating is limited and the play is expected to sell out. Have a blast heading under the sea this holiday season!

Rose Center Theater

14140 All American Way
Westminster, CA 92683

Call (714) 793 – 1150 ext.


Westminster Holidays: Lemon Maple Squash Recipe

Mashed potatoes get all the glory during Thanksgiving, but if you are looking to mix things up and try something new, we have a wonderful Lemon Maple Squash recipe from the cooking experts at the Food Network. The side dish is a must-try food and will help add a bit of variety to your holiday meal. Here are the simple directions. Have a happy Thanksgiving!


Chop 4 pounds butternut squash into squares while removing the seeds. Put the squash cut-side up on a large sheet pan. Next mix ⅓ of a cup maple syrup, 1/3 cup of water, juice from a medium sized lemon, 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes, and salt & pepper (just a pinch).

Next, pour the mix on top of the squash and add 4 tablespoons of melted butter. Bake everything for roughly 20 minutes at 350 degrees. After, flip the squash and let it bake until caramelized (usually about another 25 minutes).


Get FREE Goodies This Thanksgiving at the Westminster Mall

Thanksgiving is next week, which is great, but the thing we’re waiting for is Black Friday. If you are a fan of shopping and receiving free goodies, the Westminster mall will be giving away a goodie bag to the first 250 mall shoppers this Thanksgiving. So on top of all the great sales, you’ll get some FREE stuff as well.

The giveaway starts at 6pm and will take place in front of the Target on the lower level. The mall is scheduled to stay open until 1am on Thanksgiving night, so you might want to plan dinner a little earlier so you can grab some of this free stuff. Check out the mall’s website to get further details about the giveaway. Have a great Thanksgiving and a peaceful Black Friday shopping day.


November 24 – November 25

6:00 PM – 1:00 AM



Healthy Eating Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas are wonderful. The food is great, the family is amazing, but the extra pounds that add up can be an unwanted addition. But don’t worry because this blog is definitely health conscious, so here are a few healthy eating tips for surviving the holidays.


Walk after meals: walking after meals can help your stomach settle and burn calories faster. The worst thing you can do is eat a big meal and lie down on the couch. Start a routine this holiday season where you talk a nice family walk after big meals.


Veggie overload: veggies can get lost in the holiday meal mix with all those carb loaded treats. This year decide to add more veggies into the mix and less carbs. Sure mac and cheese is great but broccoli and corn are just as good.


Lots of water: water can be your best friend when trying to stay healthy. Decide to drink nothing but water and do not touch any sugary drinks. Water can help curb your appetite will helping to keep your organs clean and running smoothly.

Run the Miracles Babies 5k and Support a Wonderful Cause

The end of the year is always a wonderful time to give back and support a few local charities. This year Orange County will host its 1st Annual Miracle Babies 5K in Orange County, to raise awareness for families with babies in a NICU. The NICU is a neonatal intensive care unit that focusing on the care ill or premature infants.

This year’s event takes place on November 13, and features a superhero theme, so even though Halloween is over, you can still dress up as Superman or any person you consider to be a superhero like a soldier or firefighter. Every racer receives a shirt and medal at the finish line.

Registration Fees
1 Mile Walk/Run – $25

YOUTH 5k Walk/Run – FREE (12 and under)
Includes: registration for 5k,  race bib and finisher medal.

VIRTUAL 1 Mile or 5k – $25
If you can’t make it to the event, you can complete one mile at any location (even on a treadmill in your house) and still donate and receive a finisher medal.


Enjoy Halloween at the Westminster Mall

Spending Halloween at the mall is a little known resource that most people do not take advantage of. This Halloween, the Westminster Mall will be hosting a huge trick or treating event and kid’s carnival for everyone in the area. The Halloween carnival at the malls offers candy, games, crafts and other entertainment to help make the holiday a memorable one.

Each store in the mall will pass out candy beginning at 4:30pm and going until supplies last. The carnival itself will extend until 7:30 pm and is open to families and children of all ages. Costumes are welcomed for both adults and kids, but do not bring anything too scary since this is a kids oriented event. Take a look at the link provide to for extra details about the event. And be sure to have a happy and safe Halloween.


Monday, October 31, 2016

4:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Westminster Mall
1025 Westminster Mall
Westminster, California 92683
Free mall parking

Ages: 0 – 12
Phone: (714) 895-2860


3 Easy Halloween Safety Tips To Try This Year in Westminster

Halloween is less than two weeks away and while most of us are preparing for parties, decorating the house, and getting the little ones excited for this awesome holiday, there is one important thing we should worry about: safety. While Halloween is typically safe, the event does take place at night and on the streets, so here are a few simple tips to think about.


Reflexive tape: staying lit is the number 1 key to being safe on Halloween. Trick-or-Treating takes place at night when many people are still in rush hour traffic. Be sure your kids are well lit for oncoming cars.


No mask: do not let your kids wear costumes with mask, as they will only cause accidents and other issues. Being able to see their surroundings is your kids’ number 1 priority.


For drivers: turn on your lights as soon as possible. Also be careful around alley ways and other areas with low visibility.

Participate in the Surf City 10k This Weekend

Fall is the perfect time to start running and getting back into shape. Running during the summer can be tough because of the heat, but now that the weather has calmed (only a bit in Southern California), we can all start preparing for those fall 5 and 10k races. If you are the adventurous type, Huntington Beach will be hosting its annual 5 and 10K and 10 miler race on Sunday, October 16.


For those that aren’t in running shape, jumping into a last second 5k is a great way to get motivated and continue running over the next few months. For those who are trained and ready to go the 10K and 10 miles are always a great way to test your endurance. Registration can be done online or during the day of the event. Here is a bit more information about the Surf City 10K. Have fun and happy running. http://surfcity10.com/

21100 Pacific Coast Highway
Huntington Beach, CA


Westminster Pumpkin Decorating Tips

Since Halloween is less than a month away, let’s go over some simple pumpkin decorating tips in this week’s blog. Have a happy and spooky Halloween.


Use glitter: if you want to skip the mess of carving, glue glitter all over your pumpkins. Your little ones will love the activity and the pumpkin will look nice.


Turn it into a bowl: cut the pumpkin in half and clean it out. Afterward you can use the pumpkin as an ice bowl to hold drinks or other things.


Paint it: again, another way to skip the carving is by painting your pumpkin. You can grab a template or just paint shapes and colors.

Explore The Parks in Westminster

Westminster is a wonderful community with a host of excellent parks. Once Fall rolls around, spending a chilly evening walking or playing in a park is one of life’s great joys. You can grab a stylish sweater, hot chocolate, and have a little fun. Here is a quick list of two great locations to take advantage of near your Westminster apartment. Both locations have a picnic area, jogging trails and playgrounds for the kids. Have fun and enjoy the Fall at the part.


Liberty Park

13900 Monroe

Westminster, CA 92683

Phone number(714) 891-6678


Buckingham Park

6502 Homer St

Westminster, CA 92683