Where to Go On a Weekend Trip

The hardest part about taking is weekend trip is deciding on where to go. California has a number of wonderful locations with a short driving distance from your apartment. If you have a trip planned, here are three locations to consider.

Santa Barbara: SB may be the perfect weekend getaway spot. It’s definitely within driving distance but can accommodate anything you plan on doing. If you want to party, there are great bars in the area. If you want to take it easy and lay by the beach or go for a hike, you can do that as well.


Catalina: if you are looking for a traditional beach getaway without actually having to go to Hawaii or Cancun, try Catalina. The small island has everything you are looking for in a vacation within a short distance from your home.


Refugio State Beach: located near Santa Barbara is a beach that allows camping. What better way to combine the best of camping and spending time at the beach?