Little Saigon: Top Fun Thing to Do in Westminster

Westminster gets a rep for being a bit slower-paced than it’s Orange County neighboring cities, but the reality is that if you know where to look, you can actually find yourself having a lot of fun. Westminster is full of great things to do, whether you’re hanging out alone or trying to get together with friends and family. There’s a spot definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a fun, immersive cultural experience. Stop by Little Saigon, which is pretty much a small scale model of modern Vietnam. There, you’ll find all the food, clothes, toys, medicine, and much more to get an authentic Asian experience. The great thing about Little Saigon is that whatever your troubles are out in the “real world”, you’ll be transported to a different reality with the opportunity to escape into something completely new and stimulating. For more reviews of Little Saigon, check out this link. This is a marvelous spot to bring someone for their birthday, shopping, a first date, or simply a place to catch up.