Healthy Eating Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas are wonderful. The food is great, the family is amazing, but the extra pounds that add up can be an unwanted addition. But don’t worry because this blog is definitely health conscious, so here are a few healthy eating tips for surviving the holidays.


Walk after meals: walking after meals can help your stomach settle and burn calories faster. The worst thing you can do is eat a big meal and lie down on the couch. Start a routine this holiday season where you talk a nice family walk after big meals.


Veggie overload: veggies can get lost in the holiday meal mix with all those carb loaded treats. This year decide to add more veggies into the mix and less carbs. Sure mac and cheese is great but broccoli and corn are just as good.


Lots of water: water can be your best friend when trying to stay healthy. Decide to drink nothing but water and do not touch any sugary drinks. Water can help curb your appetite will helping to keep your organs clean and running smoothly.